How to choose a wine club


Choosing a wine club.

We have 3 wine clubs for you to choose from.  Each club operates according to the same format each month, with slight tweaks to allow for geographic area’s and members’ preferences.

Please note that tastings may take place outside of the “traditionally accepted” geographic area of each club as it is our aim to introduce wine lovers to a slightly wider spread of wines than ONLY those from their immediate area.  This is especially true of the Stellenbosh/Paarl/Somerset West, Durbanville and Franschhoek area’s.

Membership fees

Three clubs – Goblets & Gourmets, Wine Explorers and Boland Wine Clubs charge a membership fee of R400 pp to join for the year.

Monthly costs differ according to the club you’ve joined and is only payable if member/visitor is booked.  Monthly tastings are optional and (monthly) fees only need to be paid if booked.  Visitors pay an additional R50 in addition to members costs.  See Club Descriptions below.

Additional upmarket food & wine evenings will be arranged under the Gastronauts club at top wineries/restaurants in the winelands.  Members of any of the above clubs will be granted automatic membership of Gastronauts, which will host two events per annum.

The Clubs are:

  • Gastronauts – Could be any day of the month, depending on availability and approximately 2 times per annum.
  • Boland Wine Club – Last Thursday of every month at 18h30 for 19h00.  (Additional dates are added if needed)
  • Goblets & Gourmets – Second Tuesday of every month at 18h30 for 19h00.
  • Wine Explorers – Second Thursday & last Wednesday of every month, both at 18h30 for 19h00.  (Extra date might be included depending on demand).

Club Descriptions:

1. Gastronauts:

Gastronauts is aimed at all wineclubssa members who have a keen interest in food as well as wines. Members will be exposed to some of South Africa’s top chefs and restaurants, combined with iconic wineries and winemakers. Food & Wine Experiences will be arranged app 2 times per year.

2.  Goblets & Gourmets:

Started in 1998 and has consisted of approximately 40 members ever since. Monthly wine tastings are fun and informative, and a substantial meal is served. Goblets has some interesting tastings planned for 2020.

Membership open for existing members.

3.  Wine Explorers:

(Since 2001) Currently has approximately 80 members and offers two or sometimes three alternative dates for tastings monthly depending on numbers. Membership open. Around 20-40 members attend each tasting. Exciting, and often unknown farms have been scheduled for this year’s tastings.  This club operates in all wine areas within 60 km’s from Cape Town, although the bulk are in the Stellenbosch/Somerset West/Paarl/Durbanville regions.

Membership Open

4.  Boland Wine Club:

Started in 2009 and operates exclusively in the Stellenbosch/Somerset West Region. With approximately 60 members, tastings are always held on the last Thursday of every month with the alternative date (if needed) on the 2nd last Thursday.

Membership Open

How to sign up to a club.

1.  Send an email to Bjorn van Oort at to indicate   which club you want to join.  Also include your name, surname,  cell no,  email address, how many members you want to add and your suburb.

2.  Receive an email from Bjorn welcoming you + banking details for your membership fee.

3.  Make the payment and email proof to Björn. (Ensure that your name is clearly indicated on the proof of payment)

Wine Club rules:

1. Tastings:

  • Avoid the use of perfume and aftershave before coming to the wine club.
  • If possible, avoid using lipstick and brushing teeth just before the tasting.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as we some times do cellar tours.
  • Bring a pen to complete your tasting form.
  • Try to eat something light before coming to the tasting.
  • While the tasting is on, it’s polite to listen to the presenter. Questions and comments relevant to the tasting is appreciated, however. Once the tasting is over, it’s time to socialise!
  • Smoking is not allowed during the tasting. Afterwards smokers are welcome to indulge outside the venue.
  • Nobody will be asked or forced to buy any wine to take home on the tasting evenings, but members are reminded that sales promote the value of the clubs for wineries and opens additional doors.

2. RSVP’s:

  • Once a positive RSVP is received for an event and it is changed after the RSVP closing date (two working days ie prior to the event), you are responsible for the costs as if you had attended.  Unfortunately, the club has to pay for you if you don’t turn up or cancel in time. (Obviously we will always do our best to accommodate you – but once we’ve confirmed numbers, we are normally held to them!)
  • If you RSVP on behalf of a guest and the guest doesn’t turn up, the club member is responsible for the guest’s fee. (Payment rules as per the above also applies to guests who attend without members’ invitation)

3. Tasting fees & wine purchases:

  • Tasting fees are paid on the night and must be paid before the tasting commences.
  • Most wine estates will accept credit cards when buying wine to take home after the tasting.

4. General:

  • We have taken note of food allergies and food preferences eg religious issues, wheat intolerants and vegetarians.
  • We will indicate if guests are welcome, but only after all members have been given the opportunity to attend.