Wine Clubs South Africa

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Living in the Western Cape, we are privileged to be exposed to many wineries and great wines, right on our doorstep. However, with the busy lives we lead, it’s difficult to get around to all of them and to sample the wines on offer.

CVO Marketing Pty Ltd (Bjorn & Cobie van Oort)  has run various wine clubs to the enjoyment and benefit of hundreds of wine lovers from 1998.

The two “older” clubs are Goblets & Gourmets (1998) and Wine Explorers (2000).

In 2009,  a third club called Boland Wine Club was launched to accommodate people from the Somerset West and Stellenbosch region.

We also introduced a group called Gastronauts, which is made up of members of all the different clubs under Wine Clubs SA.  Membership of this club is automatic when joining any of the other clubs.  This club is all about fine dining and paired wines at the top Restaurants/Estates in the Western Cape Winelands. Only two events are arranged on an annual basis for this group.

Clubs educate people about wine, how to enjoy it responsibly and takes members and their guests to wineries they might never have discovered on their own.

Joining any of the clubs ensure that you interact informally with other wine lovers, get to know new people and learn more about wine at the same time.  Where-ever possible, wine-makers will be doing the tastings, which makes every outing a unique experience as the different styles and personalities are so diverse.

Read on to find out more + how to sign up for your personal journey through wine this year.