Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I would like to join a wine club, but don’t know a lot about wine.

This is one of the most frequent comments we get, and we understand!  Our clubs are not intimidating, no-one is going to ask you to comment on the wine in public, or try to catch you out.  That said however, our members tend to learn a lot over time in a non-threatening way from some of South Africa’s top winemakers.  We are always thrilled at the end of the year to see how much palates and knowledge has improved.

2.  What happens if I can’t attend a tasting?

There are two answers to this question:  If you are away or cannot join us, please rsvp to that effect by the rsvp date.  Even if you said yes, you can still change your mind right up till 2 working days before each tasting.  However, if you do not turn up after having rsvp’d yes or try to cancel your booking less than 2 working days before, you will be responsible for the fee for the night, as the club will have to pay for your meal and tasting.

3.  Can I bring guests?

We are nearly always able to accommodate guests at a slightly increased fee to that of members.  This is always stated on the invitation sent out. However, pse note that if your guests do not turn up after the rsvp closing date has passed, you personally will be responsible for their fee for the night.

4. What about drinking and driving?

We tend to visit further-off wineries during summer time so as to make use of the later sunlight for travelling and especially to find the winery in daylight.  We don’t promote over-indulging and members are invited to use the spittoons which are always available.  Wineries also usually pour tasting portions, so that it is quite easy not to drink too much.  Having a meal as part of the evening adds to our strategy of promoting safer consumption.

Many members travel together and we can always make suggestions and put you in touch with members from your area to make your own arrangements.  Uber, Goodfellas and other driving services are also available and we recommend that you make use of them.

5.  Do I have to buy wine?

Buying wine is not obligatory at all!  However you will probably want a memento or two of a fantastic tasting and our members love to purchase at the end of an evening.  We always try to ensure that the winery has the till open on the night and that wines can be purchased and taken home there and then.

6. What about the other events?

As CVO Marketing is involved with many other activities in the wine industry and have a wide range of contacts, we can often negotiate better rates for wine club members to attend certain events.  In addition to the monthly tastings we offer weekends away or/and an overseas trip to a wine region.   Over the years we have been to France a few times, Hungary, Italy, Chile and Portugal. These are optional.